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Well, That Was Fun
‘WELL THAT WAS FUN’ is the true life story of our family chronicled with over 500 photos which shows the events that occured from the 1930’s to the year 2012, and the many unbelievable experiences, magical moments, and miracles that happened along the way. Patrick McMullan, who is the famous, and legendary New York City photographer is Connie’s son, and it was at his encouragement that this book be written by her, so that all these family happenings and precious moments would not be forgotten. He felt that this story should be a “Picture book, with story” rather than just a book with pictures. Connie was the original photographer and memory keeper in the family, and she made up photo albums of each and every event over the years, and Patrick feels that it is important to be able to look back in time and treasure not only the photos but the story behind the pictures.

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